Thursday, December 3, 2009

:D is live!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FTP update

I tried Internet Explorer's FTP tool, and came up with a blank. I loaded everything according to several tutorials. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to idendtify the home page as the home page. I suppose I'll ask some questions tomorrow when I turn the project in, and go from there. Certainly there are some more tutorials out there and certainly I'm managing to do something completely stupid.

FTP experiments

I have decided that it is at least moderately acceptable for my website to go live and have decided to upload it to the internet. I am using Internet Explorer's FTP and hoping that it works. I'm not really sure how its working, but it seemed pretty easy from what a tutorial said, and its uploading right now. Wish me luck; update later.

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Gallery Work

Well in the end I did link all of the galleries to the same .js and .css pages and while that did present several problems in the first page I linked, I believe that these are caching problems, probably with my browser. These problems were mostly with the sizing of the large display images, not with thumbnails, where the images expand to the full size of the browser window. This was sporadic and several images came back to their regular size after I shut everything down and reopened it.

All of the other galleries seem to be working using this method, with the exception of the first one, which still has problems with enlarging (thus pixelating) images, but even these work on alternate browsers, so my worry is lessened.

I still have one final problem with the opened images, on which ther is a ~2px grey edge on the right and left sides of the image. These are also present on an alternate browser, but beggars can't be choosers and I think fixing it would require using a different Java generating site: I did check the CSS page for the offending coding, found none.

All in all, the pages are up and running, now the site requires some design aesthetic and some actual content on the bio pages... on my way to

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highslide blues

I've managed to get all of my gallery pages up and mostly working on my site. I just have a couple of bugs to work out, which I may never work out, because they're just too small.

I'm using a prewritten Highslide Java gallery and their site setup is very easy to navigate and use to setup your gallery. I did this, uploaded my images, set them up according to Highslide's available options and moved onto putting the corresponding code into my source documents. For the first gallery this was simple (I have several), copy and paste some html into your source document and download the .js and .css pages that were created according to options chosen. Poof! Gallery page. (Well, not really poof, but I'll come to that later.)

However, this setup presents a problem if you have more than one gallery page needed for your site; the downloaded Java and CSS pages are all contained in one folder: Highslide. So, if you do need more than one gallery, seting up and downloading your gallery through their site is impossible because if everything went perfectly, you would have two folders called Highslide in the same root folder for your website and that, we all know, is just not possible.

Why not change the folder name and all corresponding calls in the coding? Well, my intelligent reader, this is exactly what I tried. And exactly what I failed. Things just didn't work. Surely, I missed some call or some CSS of mine was overriding, but looking for the missed call in 10 documents was not an efficient way of doing things for someone who needs, in the end, 9 different gallery pages, with the option to add more at will.

So, I got a little smarter and decided that if all my gallers were supposed to look the same anyway, why not just link all of my galleries to the same .js and .css , copy and paste the html code into my other galleries' source pages and change the image calls to correspond? Well, I saw no reason and did just that.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Richmond Naïveté

I have been recently informed that I am a Richmond moron, and that I have very little actual knowledge of our dirty little city. So, I am making it a new, albiet small, goal to see a bit more of RVA restuarants, places of intrest, ect.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Site Update

I've been trying to install the gallery pages and have run into some problems with the site I am using to write my Java Script. Some of the thumbnails don't work, and when actually implemented, some thumbnails don't work but the large images do. I've moved one of the images to RGB mode, which fixed one of the thumbnails in the example, but not the large image. The image changed over did work when implemented in the site.

There also seems to be some difficulty in copy and pasting from the website While able to copy and paste html and download the zipped Javascript files the first gallery I put in, I cannot seem to even highlight the text to even try and paste it into my gallery page. I'm not sure at all what has to do with anything, but hopefully its just a but that I'm running into tonigh -- too many windows open or something.

These galleries are due tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to recieve some help in regards to these problems. These are not the worst things though, as I plan on rehashing the whole site anyways, in light of the way my galleries are going to be set up: not with CSS but Java - the page will not require such a set layout as the Java script will allow for a pop-up like window to arise within the visited page, and allows navigation of the gallery within that particular page.